Detergent Powder Cage mill Machine Manufacturer

We manufacture detergent powder. A common piece of machinery in the detergent manufacturing sector is the cage for the mill machine. It is made especially for effective and evenly pulverising or reducing detergent powders. It is made up of a cylindrical cage that houses a set of revolving pins or blades.

As regard to making detergent powder cage mill Machine has a number of benefits, including effective grinding, in line distribution of particles, and ability to process a variety of raw materials. To produce high-quality detergent powders, it is frequently employed in massive detergent production facilities.

Here's a brief overview of how a detergent powder cage mill machine works:

  1. Raw Material Loading : The cage mill machine is loaded with the detergent powder components, such as surfactants, developers, fillers, and additions. Given every detergent recipe being produced, the precise composition will vary.
  2. Grinding Process : The cutting or pins of the machine begin revolving quickly as soon as the raw materials are loaded. They strike the detergent particles as they rotate, allowing them to break down and fragment into smaller fragments. The act of grinding guarantees uniform sizing and consistency of the detergent powder particles.
  3. Grinding Process : By getting clear of any big particles or substances, the powdered product is put through a filter or classifier after it has been processed. This process aids in producing a consistent particle size variation and ensuring the detergent powder's quality.
  4. Collection and Packaging : The machine collects the finely ground detergent powder, which is then moved to the packaging plant where it is packed for sale and shipped in a variety of forms, including bags, cartons, and packs.
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