Our Company's main quote is like "Technologies at the Speed of Life". We are manufacture and exporter of toilet soap machine, we also making a various types of toilet soap machine which is used very easy and range also customer approval.

Quotation for Toilet Soap Machine given below.

  • 1. Project: 1000kgs/h Toilet Soap Production
  • 2. Capacity: 1000-1200kgs/h,products: 50-280g toilet soap and laundry soap
  • 3. Condition of installation:
    1). Workshop space: LxWxH 35x6x4.5m (for install the machines) Floor bearing: >1000kg/m2
    2).Power: Φ3×380V/50Hz total: 160kw/h 200kva 3). Recycle water: 15M3/h <170C
    4). tools for installation
    Lifting equipment: Weight lifting≥4000kg
    Crow bar: many
    Hopper: one
    Grease: one
    Adjustable spanner: need these size spanner, (8, 10, 12, and 16)
    Welding machine and Welding electrode: one
    Active (common) tool: many
    Workers for installation: 8-10
  • 4.Description :

    We are the one of the leader in manufacturing and exporting different types of Toilet Soap Plant in our company. We provide very wide range of plants such as Mixture Machine, Simplex Plodder, Triple Roller Machine, Worm Conveyor, Duplex Type Vacuum Plodder, Rotary Bar Cutter, Cake Cutter, Foot Operated Stamping Machine. We export our plants in national market and as well as international market.

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