Soap Making Machine manufacturer

We manufacture Toilet Soap Machines which are used in the manufacturing of detergent cakes and toilet soaps. We making Toilet Soap Machine "detergent cake mixer machine" which is used in detergent soap and toilet soap industries for preparing detergent cake and toilet soap material.The toilet soap base and various other addictive inclusive of color is through mixed in the mixer for a formation of currency and its being further crushed in the milling for any hard substance or foreign particles to be extracted its then further amalgamated in a plodder to get the dual affection on a high and low temperature which is then extruded out in form of bar which is cut to the mandatory size and gram mage for redacting the exact size and design of cake that’s been intended for.

Model Motor Batch Capacity
KH75 10HP 75Kg./30 Minute
KH200 15HP 200Kg./30 Minute
KH300 20HP 300Kg./30 Minute


  • High energy efficiency
  • Robust construction
  • Trouble-free performance.
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